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Is the Internet making you anti-social?

In the age of social networking, email, text message, Skype, etc.etc…has the human factor been removed from our socializing experience? Seems like we are quick to do any of the above things but not quick to actually pick up the phone or drop by a say hello.
Most people are starting to say social networking makes or breaks you. That would explain why lots of people pretend to be other people, more successful or influential, more interesting.
I don’t do much socializing outside of social network sites. That’s sad. I can’t tell you when the last time I’ve actually been out…and if I do go somewhere its to a local bar which is close to home and no dress code. Don’t wanna waste good clothes in a city where there is not a variety of things to do for people my age. So most times I’m home on Facebook or texting the few friends I do have.

Hopefully we can learn to value human friends again. Let’s start talking to each other a little more.

Realistically Speaking…….Kiki

Money Matters

Teaching your children financial responsibility is just as important as dressing them and putting food in their mouths. If we were taught how to take care of things financially then there would not be so many economic hardships in families.
They say…more money, more problems and that rings true. Most of us are living off of anticipated earnings. Meaning…we are estimating the money before we even have it in hand and spending because we “believe” its coming in. Then it doesn’t and we are left with debt that we could have avoided. Now we are ducking and dodging people because we owe them…can you give the stupid shit back you bought? I’m saying stupid shit because I’m sure it had no necessary value in your life. It was a want and it could have waited until your funds were “available”.

No one told me how much credit affects your life. How if I don’t pay my bills on time I can’t get the things that I need to live. But actually, what we should learn is to live a simple as possible. If there is no money to pay for it…don’t get it. Cash and carry. You don’t need to live in a 4 bedroom house if you are the only one there. Get a 1 bedroom…better yet..get a studio. Save some money. Those of you who have a stable job (which is rare in this economy) should be putting up some kind of money to live off in case your job becomes unstable. Almost everyone is living beyond their means.
Hopefully this information helps on how to move forward after poor finances.  Here is an article I found that had some good points.

How to Teach Financial Responsibilityto Kids

Teaching financial responsibility to children will give them the financial foundation they need to act sensibly as adults. Studies show that people who learn financial responsibility at a young age also have less debt and more savings when they become adults. Instructions

Talk to the child about money. Explain about the different types of bills you pay and the importance of meeting payment due dates. Also talk with the child about comparing prices on items in order to find the best deal available.

Show the child how to make a budget. Budgeting is a great skill to learn. Have the child help you create a budget with her allowance. Show what money she has, where she could spend it and how to save it.

Take the child grocery shopping. Explain how much money you have budgeted for groceries and talk about what you need to buy. Show him how to compare products and prices for the best value. This allows him to experience what it is like to work within a budget.

Open a savings account with the child’s money. Add a little at a time and teach the child how to keep up with the register. Explain the interest on the account and how it works.

Discuss the possible dangers of impulsive shopping. Tell the child to avoid buying items on a whim. Differentiate between items that are needed and those that are wanted. Make sure the child understands that if an item is expensive, it is possible to save money to purchase it at a later time instead of going into debt and purchasing the product right away.

Pay the child for doing chores in and around the house. This will help the child learn the value of earning her own money. It will also help instill a work ethic. Be sure the child completes her chores and meets a set standard before paying her for the chores.

Also…the best way to teach your child financial responsibility is to be responsible yourself. Let me hear your thoughts on this.

Realistically Speaking…….Kiki

Hustle 101….How to work without losing your Integrity

In my profession, we have UPS and downs….highs and lows. It is to be expected and planned for. I notice that in the low times some of us “professionals” tend to do things that will make them always have low times. I am firm believer that you should charge what you are worth. No exceptions. We can give a deal now and then but if it causes you to work even more harder than you have already….it is not sensible. If you give a quality service or have a quality product it should be paid for. I find money to pay for what I want…I know other people will do the same. Sometimes it causes us to sit for a little bit but I’m good with that. I can work on other things. Tight times can make some people desperate.  Desperation does not cause me to step on others to make a dollar.

Now, when I moved here the 2 main people I heard of doing hair (that I liked) was Curtis from Curtis and Company and Michael Cole at The Talk of the Town.  Curtis has done my hair once. Michael Cole cursed me out before I could make an appointment. I never tried again. Although it didn’t work out with either stylist I have to respect and appreciate the love they have for their craft and their particular HairHustle. A lot of us younger stylist can take note. I see the way the system moves between the both of them. It works in a timely fashion and very profitable I might add (from the outside looking in)

I think that in the down times we should all be working on ways to promote ourselves, take classes to enhance our skills, take some much needed time off, or do somethings we always wanted to do. If it is planned for it wont be such a hard time. I am saying this to myself as well, I haven’t always planned for downtimes for various reasons but I know how to eat. If my budget only allows me to have tuna and hamburger…I’m definitely not gonna have a steak. I might put some steak sauce on my ground sirloin after I have stove cooked in butter and Lawrys! I will make do. I’m so serious.

One thing I will not skimp on is my products. I believe in good products. It makes our job a lot easier to have the proper preparation, the right products and tools add to that. I hate to see stylist not prepared or “borrowing” every dam thing they need. SMH. It is very tacky and shows that your business is not your priority You have to spend a little money to make some money. If you spend nothing…you will make nothing. Have a flyer, or a business card or shit….have a bunch of pieces of paper with your name/number on them and post it on a bulletin board. Any advertisement is worth your time and effort. So what if you bought 10,000 cards and handed them all out only to bring you 10 clients. It is 10 more peole than you had previously and you should be thankful either way.
Why you being tight with the damn cards? Give them away!! Why does it take you over a year to get rid of 500 cards? seriously? Tight asses don’t shit diamonds. (me either but you get the picture. lol)

There are so many ways to created multiple streams of income in our profession. You can do so much these days and you dont have to be behind the chair all of your career. It is a choice. Opportunities are presented to us all throughout our careers and you must be careful which ones you choose. It will make or break your career.
If you have a salon that does mostly weave services….sell the hair to your own clients. Its more convienient and stops unwanted input from people who dont know your craft like you do. Beauty supply houses sell products…so whatever they need to say to get you to buy that product they will do.
If you have a clientele that likes different accessories, products, magazines, t-shirts, hats, cats, dogs and small children. It is all for sale!!! Everything must go and I mean everything!! Shoot…if it gets to hard I will be on the corner selling smiles, bubblegum and handjobs! It’s a recession!
Have a website or Facebook page or some type of social networking site. Anything that will get you noticed. I mean, a website gets very good business leads. This is a internet age and you have to keep up with the times.

If you are doing specials and deals make sure there is an understanding with your clients that this is a temporary situation because when the time comes for you to go back to the regular price you wont have too much static. I am in the business of working smarter and not harder than I can physically handle it. I am not trying to kill myself to live.

Realistically Speaking……KiKi