Is the Internet making you anti-social?

In the age of social networking, email, text message, Skype, etc.etc…has the human factor been removed from our socializing experience? Seems like we are quick to do any of the above things but not quick to actually pick up the phone or drop by a say hello.
Most people are starting to say social networking makes or breaks you. That would explain why lots of people pretend to be other people, more successful or influential, more interesting.
I don’t do much socializing outside of social network sites. That’s sad. I can’t tell you when the last time I’ve actually been out…and if I do go somewhere its to a local bar which is close to home and no dress code. Don’t wanna waste good clothes in a city where there is not a variety of things to do for people my age. So most times I’m home on Facebook or texting the few friends I do have.

Hopefully we can learn to value human friends again. Let’s start talking to each other a little more.

Realistically Speaking…….Kiki