Have you ever seen women who look like a walking gorilla zombie and then they put make up on…….they look like 1984 Vanessa Williams all fresh faced in Playboy magazine? I think that make up is to make you enhance your own natural features and some people should take tips from professionals or a class. This whole white eyeliner on the lids and browbone is not cutting it. Looks like 70’s prostitute. Can you please go to a place other than the dollar store for your make-up essentials please??!! I also think its false advertising because when you go to bed you are fabulous and when you wake up you look like the crypt keeper. If I was a man I would run away screaming bloody murder saying “She killed the chick I went to sleep with and laid down next to me instead!” Smh…..Lmao!!

Lastnight I put on my make-up so dramatic that I was mistaken for a drag queen. That’s how I knew that a chick make-up was on point!! I’m so serious!! Have you seen those shims? They look GOOD!! So to be mistaken for one is a compliment to me. At least that’s how I’m taken it. Shit….I’m 6 feet tall with 4.5 in heels on making me …….a  6’5 sheman with a wig on. Lol!!  I think I can handle that! Thank you very much.

Can you please put the shadow over the whole lid if your going to wear it please? It looks stupid to have a bunch of color in a circle right on the top of your damn eye. It’s not flattering to anyone I have seen.
Some women don’t need make-up. They have beautiful skin and wearing their natural face is more eye catching than wearing a face full of make-up. If you wear it while you don’t need it, you will need it later. Keep your face clean.

Realistically Speaking……KiKi

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