Thinning Hair and Pregnancy
Thinning hair or hair loss is very common after pregnancy. I know that alot of us get the most beautiful head of hair while pregnant with the lil monsters so its hurtful when you have them, your hair falls out. Usually women see hair loss after pregnancy -starting around three months after they have had a baby. Child birth often results in abrupt hair thinning. But this is not something to worry about. It is a completely natural post-natal process that many pregnant women will go through.

During pregnancy, hair shedding is slowed down by high levels of hormones. As soon as the hormones are returned to pre-pregnancy levels, extra hair is shed. In other words, the normal hair loss that was delayed by pregnancy takes place all at once. This may cause your hair look thinner than usual.
Do not panic; your hair will get back to its normal growing phases and stop thinning within 3 months. Hair thinning caused by pregnancy comes under the term telogen effluvium or diffuse hair loss.
When it occurs, hair can be shed from any area of the scalp. A quick fix to cover thin area is to change your hairstyle. Talk to your hairdresser to find a style which will cover thin spots until your hair grows back.
Once more, pregnant women should not worry about thinning hair after pregnancy. It is normal process. Just be patient for about several months. Also, you may want to continue the diet and extra care you gave your body while pregnant. It helps….along with the continuation of you prenatal pills. They are the best vitamins ever. It will help tremendously.

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