Hey!!! Welcome to my life which is as Realistic as it gets! Lol. I am Kanika Baker- my friends/family/clients call me Kiki. I am the owner of Realistic Manes Salon located 2020 Nicollet Ave. S in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am a divorced mother of 4 who is a person who tries to be as Realistic about life, people and relationships as possible. To me, being Realistic is being myself regardless of the situation or circumstances. I do believe that there is a way to do everything and I seek daily things to better myself and my situation.

I started this blog as a way for some of us to check ourselves. Myself included. Being a person in the service (beauty) industry we rely on others for our livelihood. Now, I don't believe we have to kiss nobody's ass to live, I do believe we can carry ourselves a little better than we do. I will praise those who do and talk about those who don't. That's me. Kiki is Realistic…..

I will give you my disclaimer.. Now I don't profess to know everything about everything But I know what I know. These are purely my opinions, outlooks etc. and I do not mean to force my opinion on others. I am merely using this as a tool to express myself, provide resources, information for anyone for decides to use the information posted. With that being said……here goes nothing!

Realistically Speaking,

Ki Ki.


  1. Love your Bio. As a previous Salon Owner and Professional Hair Stylist, I am proud of you for raising the bar of “Excellence” in the Beauty Industry. I’ve often seen your comments on your f/b page and found them to be profound and true. Bravo! to you for giving everyone a venue to learn and grow–both professionally, personally and realistically.
    Warmest Regards,
    Virginia Spears


    1. Thanks so much Ms. Virginia. I do appreciate you and flattered by your compliment. Keep the blog in mind and check back daily for posts. I dont try to offend I just try to be real with myself and my feelings at the time.
      Continued blessings to you.



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